Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Women need to change too!


        One of the biggest problems in the world today is that everyone is declaring what a real man should be and how they should act, and no one is saying what a real WOMAN should be and how SHE should act. In fact, even just pointing that out triggers feelings of outrage in some people, and that just proves how deeply this narrative of female infallibility has been allowed to seep into society.

        Remember when Tiger Woods got caught cheating on his wife? Women were saying things like, "He cheated on her with 100 different women. What a pig!"  But let's think about that for a moment. That was ONE man who cheated, and ONE HUNDRED women who cheated with him. Anyone who tries to say that those women didn't know who he was or that he was married is a liar. And a lot of those women were married, themselves.

        But who caught the blame?

        I keep seeing all these posts about how men need to change, men need to grow up, men are doing this wrong, men are the problem with society, etc, etc.

        I totally agree. But as much as I hate to say it, women are simply getting the men that they thought they wanted:

Proverbs 23:27-28
27. For a whore is a deep ditch; and a strange woman is a narrow pit.
28. She also lieth in wait as for a prey, and increaseth the transgressors among men.

        When women try to argue against this they get slap-checked by their own cliches. "Behind every man is a woman." "Without women where would men be today?" "Women are the biggest inspiration to men."

        Indeed. But what kind of man is today's woman behind? And what kind of men are women inspiring and cheering into the spotlight?

        Women swoon over TV series that normalize and romanticize serial killers (Dexter, or ANY vampire series), or they make sexual idols out of actual, REAL serial killers (Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez), they salivate over sadists in S&M books like 50 Shades of Grey. Why do women not think that this is destructive?

       Because of selfishness. I saw an online post once that said, "Every guy wants a good girl that's bad only for him, and every girl wants a bad guy that's good only for her."

        Girl after girl had commented on it, saying, "Yep. Very true! LOL!"

        Guess what girls, a guy that's good for you and bad for everyone else is a guy that's bad for a lot of people. What happens when "everyone else" includes YOU? That guy that just cheated on you? Some girl out there thinks that's sexy, exciting, and so "maverick." Look up Jeremy Meeks some time and women's response to him. They couldn't have cared less that he was a violent criminal. He was "hot" and girls were saying that he could violate them any time. In fact, the violent criminal aspect only made him more attractive to women. That young man (Elliot Rodgers) who recently shot and killed those people because girls never paid attention to him? There are already girls swooning over him, just like they did with Richard Ramirez. I mean, think about that. The guy was a virgin, hadn't even been kissed, he goes on a killing spree and girls suddenly think he's cool. What does that tell you? More importantly, what does that tell young men?

        You know what the first example of a guy being good for his girl but bad for everyone else was? Adam, in the Garden of Eden, when he listened to Eve's suggestion to eat the forbidden fruit. I know, I know, that's just a crazy Bible fable, none of that mess really happened, right? It happens EVERY DAY. And it's happening more and more frequently. Men may hate to admit this, but whatever fruit women hand men is what men become. Don't forget your own cliches, ladies. Women ARE the biggest inspiration to men. Heck, why do you think Satan knew to work through the WOMAN to destroy the man? Women don't realize it, but feminism is VERY MUCH in place and in control, and look at the results.

        A feminist's response to this is to say that society places such a burden on young women to look a certain way and to conform to public ideals of sexiness. But then you back the camera off and she's dressed like a slut. She's practically a walking wardrobe malfunction. If you call her out on that, she'll angrily claim that women dress provocatively purely for the sake of "prerogative and freedom," but then you hear another feminist complaining about men not approaching women as often as they used to, and she's saying it's because they can all just go look up porn. You know where this is going. What kind of women are in porn? Naked sluts. But wait, that's just their "prerogative and freedom" right? Feminists throw a lot of stones at men, but end up hitting themselves with most of them. 

        The feminist's response to this is to say that guys don't understand what feminism really is. But ask 5 different women what it is and you'll get 5 different answers. Essentially, you'll be left with a (long-winded) self-justifying, open-to-interpretation manifesto of entitlement. The key phrase here is: All rights and no responsibilities. Basically women want to be able to do whatever they want without any consequences. Fine. But that applies to EVERY woman, including that one that has an eye on your man, your status, your position at work and who knows what else. And guess who else shares that same ideology of " all rights and no responsibilities," ladies? The selfish, abusive, "maverick" bad guy, of course. He thinks he has all rights and no responsibilities too. And he loves it when you dress up like a slut, go out and get drunk for "girl's night out," post skanky pictures on facebook and then ask why your life is falling apart. That's his cue to move in. You're just what he's looking for.

        And what is the response to the bad guy's behavior today? That we need more feminism (and b*tch power), of course. Please pardon the french. Women are - get this - going on SLUT WALKS in defiance of the way men disrespect them today. How does that even make sense? That's like throwing cameras at someone in defiance of having your picture taken. And that only breeds more selfish buffoons who don't give a dang about women, which breeds more feminism and slut walks, which breeds more buffoons.... Round and round it goes, getting bigger and bigger.

        Perhaps you think that Adam should have taken charge and told Eve to put the fruit back. You'd be absolutely right. But here's the deal with that: There are plenty of men in the world today who WON'T answer a woman's demand to "eat the forbidden fruit," and today's women have labels for them: "Dull," "boring," "normal," "provider," "predictable," "lame," etc, etc. And I'm not talking about guys that don't know how to "play the game." It is perfectly fair for a girl to put up some hoops for the guy to jump through. That's just healthy and lets the guy know he's got a big fish on the line and lets the girl know the guy is creative enough to handle life's curveballs. Nothing wrong with that. But we're talking about something mutated here and very UN-healthy. Like I said, a guy who's good for one person and bad for everyone else is a guy who's bad for a lot of people, including other women. And there's nothing discouraging these guys. In fact, like I pointed out, women are actually demanding this type of guy today. If they put on a sexy serial killer vibe (seriously, girls) he can potentially get a girl pregnant after only knowing her for 4 hours.

        So, where have the decent men gone? They've gone wherever the decent women went. If you see a couple that has made it together for years now and is still quite happy, you're looking at a decent man who's inspired by a decent woman. A strong, impressive, rare, decent woman that a GOOD man appreciates and sticks with:

Proverbs 12:4
A virtuous woman is a crown to her husband: but she that maketh ashamed is as rottenness in his bones.

        But, like the Bible says, a real woman is just as hard to find as a real man:

Proverbs 31:10
Who can find a virtuous woman? for her price is far above rubies.
        Are there decent women out there coupled to irresponsible men? Yes. Are there good guys coupled to irresponsible women? Yes. But what can you expect when "decency challenged" men and women make up 90% of the population and are growing (each other) in number every day?

        Do men need to change? Absolutely. But so do women. This world has all but abandoned the Bible's examples of how a man and woman should treat each other (Ephesians chapter 5, for example) and it's showing.